Undergraduate (Top-Up) Programme

  • BSc (HONS) in Financial Technology
    • Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

      The programme aims at cultivating financial technologists, who have been becoming an important task force in today’s new economy as well as professional disciplines in financial services and information technology. The graduates of the proposed program are expected to possess the ability to

      • Bridge the disciplines of Finance and ICT;
      • Build technology-enabled innovative solutions in Finance; and
      • Be able to contribute to technology-driven new environments.
    • Programme Characteristics

      The top-up degree programme (BSc in Financial Technology) is positioned to bridge sub-degree graduates from two major disciplines, i.e., ICT and Finance, who have already acquired fundamental training, knowledge and skills in their respective areas, to the field of Financial Technology (FinTech). The missing components will be fulfilled by 2 selected set of fundamental subjects for the 2 different categories (i.e. ICT-related or Finance-related) of students. A series of FinTech seminars and case studies (1-credit subjects) will also be exploited to cover some fundamental knowledge of the finance and technology sides of FinTech.

    • Programme Structure

      A 3-tier model, covering foundation subjects, strengthening subjects and specialized subjects respectively, paralleled with a series of FinTech Seminar and Case Study subjects, was developed as the basic framework of the proposed curriculum.

      Please click here to download the Programme Leaflet.

    • Entrance Requirements

      An Associate Degree or Higher Diploma from a recognised institution in information and communications technology (ICT)-related or finance-related disciplines.

      Remarks: For students from finance-related disciplines, preference will be given to those who have IT backgrounds.

    • fintech seminar series

      The Department is conducting a series of FinTech Seminars to equip students with knowledge about the latest trend, applications, and regulations around FinTech. We have invited many professionals and industry practitioners to share their first hand experiences and insights with our students.

      Please click here for more details about the seminars.

    • industrial collaboration