Mentorship Programme

To encourage our students to acquire the skills for career planning and personal development, we have introduced mentorship programmes in collaboration with the Computing Alumni Association (CAA) and the industry. For example, the mentors include alumni, professional practitioners and executives. Each participating student will be assigned a mentor and group activities with other mentors will also be organized to promote cross-industry sharing.

Under the mentorship programme, mentees could know about workplace culture, business trends and prospects in established professions, widening their exposure to different career paths and options.

Here is a past mentorship programme activity.

We acknowledge the following alumni and professionals for providing their valuable advice to our students (listed in alphabetical order by surname):

Mr Rogers Chan - Managing Partner, Impact Invest
Dr Terence Chan – CEO, Howah Technology Venture
Mr Timothy Chan – Executive Director, Springwoods
Mr HL Cheng – Senior Technical Advisor, Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing
Mr Brian Chiang - Head of International Coverage, HSBC
Prof. CK Cho - Principal Associate, G.Li & Company
Mr Tony Chung – Senior Vice President, Speedcast International
Mr CK Ho – Director, Zantronic Project & Consultancy
Mr Peter Ho – Technology Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong
Mr Winston Leung – Analyst/Programmer I, OGCIO
Mr Alpha Ng – Head of IT, ASTRI
Mr Paul Pong - Managing Director, Pegasus Fund Managers
Mr Darron Sun – Head of IT, Hong Kong Housing Society
Mr Nic Tam - Executive Director, All View Capital
Ms Cynthia Tang – Executive Director, iFAST Financial
Ms Suzanne Ton – Former Senior Director, Seasonalife
Mr Jefferson Wat – President, SME Global Alliance