Work-Integrated Education (WIE)/ Internship

Work-Integrated Education (WIE)

Work-Integrated Education (WIE) is "work-based learning experiences which take place in an organisational context relevant to a student's future profession, or the development of generic skills that will be valuable in that profession."

All full-time undergraduate students of COMP are required to complete a mandatory WIE component as part of their curriculum. Our students have gained valuable work experiences at international companies as well as government and related organisations, e.g. BNP Paribas, Disneyland, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Pegasus, Hong Kong Observatory, Hospital Authority, HSBC, IBM, Microsoft, DHL. The opportunities not only allow them to gain real-world experience but also possess a comprehensive and impressive resume to improve their employability after graduation.


Full-time Local Internship

Our four-year curriculum provides an internship option for students to gain up to 32 weeks of full-time work experience in the second semester of year three plus a summer term while graduating in four years. These internship opportunities are offered by various companies in Hong Kong. Students also have the option to take evening classes during the internship period.

ASM Pacific Technology

"The company provided me with opportunities to become a software engineer and to manage people in order to complete a large project. During the internship, I have acquired knowledge about database, console programming, web development, software engineering and various new technologies. My manager was very helpful. He taught me how to write documents, create PPT, and meet with end-users. It was a valuable experience hardly gained from school life." ~~~ NG Shing Chi


"During the internship in ASM Pacific Technology, I have learned that being an IT professional is not only about creating IT solutions and websites, but also the way to deliver. Even though we have a good IT solution or product, we need to strive for more to provide better end-user experience. Also, we have to set daily goals for ourselves before starting to work or work independently, which are the keys to success." ~~~ CHAN Chi Fung

The Bank of East Asia


"I worked in the Mobile Application team in the IT Department. During my internship, I have learned more than I ever expected. I had the opportunity to be both the programmer and project manager for small projects. At the beginning, I felt it would be really difficult to work full-time and attended evening classes at the same time but then I realized that this motivated me to work even harder. Overall, this programme was an excellent experience.~~~ TURDYBEK Zerde

Hang Seng Bank

"I worked in the Digital Sales Team in the Digital Banking Department. Since the bank focused on customers’ journey and provided them with the corresponding promotion or offers, our team needed to add some tracking functions at the front end in order to perform digital analysis. I was responsible for discussing with Product Managers and then writing user requirements to the IT Department. I also joined the platform transformation project and worked with representatives from different departments for which I realized that both business knowledge and communication skills were important. The internship also enabled me to use many latest digital and project management tools in the real business environment." ~~~ LI Chak Wai

Hong Kong Housing Society



"I worked in the Applications Section in the Hong Kong Housing Society. As an Application Developer, I have to develop systems to deal with specific tasks. I refreshed and acquired the knowledge about database, window server, data analysis, web development and software engineering. My supervisor and other Senior Application Developers were very kind and helpful. They provided me different opportunities to learn and practise. They also assisted me in problem-solving when I encountered difficulties at work. Moreover, I become more talkative and better in expression. As communication is vitally important in the workplace, it would be helpful for my future career.~~~ WONG Kai Chit


I worked in the Information Technology Section of Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS). My duty was to manage various privileged accounts and user accounts under the systems of HKHS. While managing the accounts, I have learned a lot about the structure of different systems in real-world application. My supervisors were extremely friendly and helpful. They shared their experiences with me, which broadened my horizon. This internship experience has turned out to be both fun and worthwhile.~~~ LEE Man Hin

Hong Kong Observatory

"It is quite a pleasure of having my internship at the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). During my first few months, I engaged in building websites for promoting public education about space weather. My colleagues and I designed prototypes, built and deployed the websites from scratch. HKO provided me a very good working environment and my supervisor was very generous to give us the resources for self-learning. Within these months, my JavaScript skills were strengthened and I got more familiar with “Vue.js framework” to build solid websites. At the same time, I have gained both leadership and better communication skills. Overall, I still have much to learn and practise in workplace.~~~ JAHJA Darwin

SAGE Technologies Limited

"I have learned a lot during my six-month internship, especially on the skills of time management. Although there were various deadlines to meet, I was finally able to maintain the work schedule. It was an interesting experience and a good training for my future job." ~~~ FONG Kai Lam

"Having an internship at one of the expert providers in Business Intelligence solution is one of my bucket list as an IT student. Before my internship, I wondered how ‘data’ could be so precious and sometimes people called it as ‘gold’. After the internship, I finally understand why data is so important when we know how to process them. There were a lot of memorable moments which were really hard to describe one by one but what I want to share is: It is worth to try." ~~~ TANJUNG Stephen

Deloitte Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited

"During my internship, I got chances to experience the business world of Hong Kong. I had the opportunities to understand how a large corporation operates and how professionals in Hong Kong manage their work-life balance. The internship was definitely an eye-opening experience. I participated in various projects including those involved in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, cloud security and data privacy, with a number of different clients. My co-workers were all friendly and patient. I learned a lot from working with them." 
~~~ XU Suyan


"In the first few months, I worked in the Department of Data Network Design where my tasks were to design the dedicated network for business clients. I had the chance to get in touch with the theory of networking system and structure of physical wiring of networking sites. Later on I moved to the Department of Database Administration. I was taught about many practical Linux commands and operations like setting user permissions and installing software. I also learnt to use MySQL that was essential to retrieve important statistics in database for monitoring. This equipped me with more technical knowledge and I would probably seek for a similar job after graduation and I hope this internship experience will help me to prepare for my future career." ~~~ MOK Tsz Pui

"I have learned very technical skills from the experts on the field such as, ASP.NET framework, the MVC architecture, Machine Learning Algorithms, and supported their ongoing project. Since the internship provided me with more than half year of experience, I had to discipline myself better and learn how to manage my time efficiently. I got to spend my free time exploring my FYP and doing my own projects, and sometimes I had to meet the requirements given by my supervisor. Communication was the most useful soft skills that I gained from the internship. I made friends with a few colleagues despite of not being able to speak in Cantonese. Everything had been pleasant and I look forward to landing my next job." ~~~ ANGARA Jacky


International WIE and Overseas Internship

Some of our students undertake WIE and internships in overseas countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan to broaden their cross-cultural understanding which is critical to their future careers and personal development in this globalised era.