International Learning

The Department endeavours to promote all-round student development and prepare students with international insights. Reaching out across the border, the Department provides a broad range of activities, including international competitions, summer research abroad, study tours and overseas service-learning, to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their learning experience at a global level. Here are the sharing of our undergraduate students about their experiences of participating in different international learning activities.

International Competition


Summer Research Abroad




International Competition

We encourage students to broaden their horizons by taking part in international and regional competitions. For example, our students won the championship in the 2016 and 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup Hong Kong and represented Hong Kong to participate in the world final in Seattle.

Undergraduate Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship Scheme (USRA)

Undergraduate Summer Research Abroad Sponsorship Scheme (USRA) is a signature student learning scheme, which aims to provide financial support to encourage students to undertake research under the guidance and supervision of academics in overseas pre-eminent universities, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), University of College London (UCL), etc.


University College London (UCL), UK

"I participated in a research project related to cryptocurrencies and online communities. During the seven weeks of research, my teammate and I worked on the whole process of big data analysis at the Centre for Blockchain Technologies of University College London. I encountered some technical challenges but I finally solved by applying and adapting my previous computing knowledge with some coding tools. This made me understand that I could develop my way to learn new technology with less time and efforts." ~~~ ZHANG Hanyu



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

"During the two months at MIT, I was mainly responsible for a project which aimed at optimizing workflow in a programming course, especially reducing students' efforts on getting familiar with the submission flow and setting up process. In the future, I will try to do more projects and academic research. Projects and research not only enhance my coverage of knowledge, but also enable me to dig into a field and solve problems." ~~~ MA Mingyu


"The MIT research experience benefited me a lot by enriching my academic knowledge and improving my ability to solve problems. Besides, I also learned about American culture during two months stay in America. I believe this experience will make me more competitive when applying for job or graduated study." ~~~ GU Jinshan


"During the research in MIT, I participated in several projects and most of them are related to digital learningThere are a lot of museums in Boston, like Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Art Museum and MIT Museum. Those museums focus on different areas, such as art, history, and science. In holidays, we often went to those museums and learned the knowledge of different areas." ~~~ LAM Ping Him


"It has been a great experience for me to have this summer exchange opportunity at MIT. In addition to the academic exposure, I was more than lucky to “extend” my North America exchange for six weeks. This exchange trip had also brought me in acquaintance with six more brilliant minds from three universities, and we together made this unforgettable exchange experience even more precious and incredible." ~~~ OUYANG Xiating


"It was my honour to work on the research projects of MIT during this summer. My project was about using HoloLens to simulate what would happen to the real factory when the cyber attacks happened. I feel very lucky for having such a chance to go to MIT for this summer research program. Because what it brought me was not only the research experience, it was also the first time that I went to the U.S., and I have learned a lot that could not be simply taught in a computer science class." ~~~ WEI Yiran


Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

"I had the honour to participate in the research work which was developing a mobile application to collect environment data via vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication technology in NTU EEE smart mobility laboratory for 6 weeks in the last summer. And the data was collected by the sensors in the cars for which would be used for analysing and applying machine learning technique or other technologies to predict environmental change or to be used in other areas.

The experience of NTU internship let me understand more about myself and let me know that communication is very important. I should take the initiative to ask about the task assigned if I am confused about the work. Otherwise, it will waste my effort and it may also affect the progress of the whole project." ~~~ HO Siu Tung


"In this research internship in Singapore, my project was about improving the internet protocol to transmit data in vehicular environment. The protocol was added with new features and recording the log time and automatics generation of the report in order to compare with the original protocol in round-trip time, speed, and overhead which was advised by my supervisor. Near the end of the internship, the protocol was tested in the real environment, and found to be better than the original one.

During the trip, exploring Singapore and knowing more aobut their culture was one of the most important things to do. In Chinese garden, I found that Singapore is better than Hong Kong in greening the City. There is grassland everywhere in Singapore." ~~~ NG Shing Chi


Study Tour

The Department frequently organises study tours to visit a wide variety of destinations, such as the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China. At each destination, students have the opportunity to visit leading universities, enterprises and NGOs, which help them to learn different cultures, expand their global perspectives and even showcase their maturing talents. 

Overseas Service-Learning

The Department places a heavy emphasis on social commitment and responsibility, ensuring that all students apply classroom knowledge to help people in need. Students take part in projects that benefit disadvantaged groups, aid the work of non-governmental organisations and contribute to government initiatives that are designed to address social problems. In recent years, they have been to Cambodia, Myanmar, Rwanda, Vietnam, Indonesia and China to serve and learn.