Academic and Teaching Staff

Dr CHUNG Fu Lai Korris

Associate Professor

BSc(Manitoba); MPhil, PhD(CUHK); MIEEE


Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Pattern Recognition, Multimedia


Upon receiving his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a B.Sc. degree from the University of Manitoba, Dr Chung joined the Department of Computing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and is now an associate professor. His primary research interests are in the study of intelligence, learning and recognition and their applications to a wide spectrum of tasks which involves text data (social media), time series data, multimedia data, social network data, bioinformatics data, etc.

Dr Chung published over 90 journal papers in major international journals, including  IEEE TFS, IEEE TNNLS, IEEE TEC, IEEE T-Cybernetics, IEEE TKDE Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks. He also serves on program committees of top international conferences, including IEEE ICDM and ICPR.