Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence

  • OVerview of the research area

    Pattern recognition and machine intelligence focuses on the development of theories, algorithms and tools to uncover hidden patterns or knowledge for data classification, prediction and decision making, and to build systems which are adaptive to the environment or given tasks. The central problems of this field include perception, learning, reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, communication, and object manipulation, etc. Pattern recognition and machine intelligence is an indispensable part of computer science and artificial intelligence, which still has many fundamental problems to be solved. In order to align with the challenging trends of this field, COMP devotes itself to the studies of biometrics security, computer vision, multimedia, bioinformatics, web intelligence, and social media mining, etc. In the past decades, COMP has made distinguished contributions to the relevant methodologies, especially on data representation, feature extraction, and classification. In addition, COMP has also constructed various datasets and practical systems which are beneficial for both academia and industry, including palmprint recognition datasets/systems, high-resolution fingerprint identification datasets/systems, image-based medical diagnosis systems, visual tracking systems, etc. These achievements have been highly recognized in the relevant communities.                                                                                                                      

  • research strength(s)

    COMP has been continuously focusing on the fundamental issues and challenging problems in the field of biometrics computing, and has been a world-leading department in this area. In the past decade, dozens of novel practical biometrics systems have been developed in our department, including multi-spectral palmprint identification systems, 3D palmprint identification systems, high-resolution fingerprint identification systems, near infrared face recognition systems, etc. Another distinct research direction of COMP is medical biometrics, whose goal is to explore solutions to open problems in medicine using computational technologies. COMP has already developed several novel diagnosis systems, including tongue image analysis system, pulse analysis system, and odor analysis system. In addition, COMP has also made reputable contributions in the field of computer vision and multimedia processing, especially in the areas of image restoration, image quality assessment, visual tracking, texture analysis, object recognition, etc.

  • future plan / works

    In the following years, COMP will concentrate on the research of large scale biometrics, machine learning with big data, intelligence visual surveillance, and medical data analysis. It is expected that our research output can benefit the public security and national security of Hong Kong and mainland China, can solve some fundamental problems in big data analytics, can benefit the healthcare of older people, and produce high impact in industry. 

  • research centers, facilities and labs

    - Biometric Research Center

    - Pervasive Visual Computing

    - Smart Sensing Lab

    - Visual Analytics Lab

  • awards / recognitions
    Year Awards Awarding Organizations
    2002 Silver Medal The Seoul International Invention Fair 2002, Seoul, Korea
    2006 Silver Medal for palmprint security system The 34th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva
    2003 Special Gold Award and Gold Medal High Speed and Low Cost Security System using Palmprint Technology, the 14th National Invention Exhibition of China
    2003 Hong Kong Industry Award  
    2009 Hong Kong Industry Award  
    2010 Best Paper Award Honourable Mention Pattern Recognition Journal
    2013 IET Computer Vision Premium Award IET Computer Vision Journal

  • faculty members

    Prof. Keith Chan

    Dr Ajay Kumar

    Dr James Liu

    Dr Simon Shiu

    Prof. Jane You

    Prof. David Zhang

    Dr Lei Zhang

  • contact information

    Name of contact person: David ZHANG

    Telephone: 852-2766-7271 


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