Research Outputs and Funding

Research excellence of the Department of Computing is best evidenced by the number of research students we have groomed in the past ten years, and an impressive record of research outputs in various forms, such as:

  • MPhil Students: over 50
  • PhD Students: over 100
  • Books: over 40
  • Book Chapters: over 80
  • Journal Papers: over 900
  • Conference Papers: over 1,100
  • Projects: over 280
  • Patents: over 30
  • Total amount of grants: over HK$80 million

In particular, our faculty members have successfully secured many highly competitive research grants with funding amount over HK$4 million. For example, three projects, namely “Development of New Devices for Information Security”, “Seamless Communication and Mobility in Advanced Heterogeneous Wireless Network”, and “Design and Implementation of a Unified Box for Offering Network Path Measurement as a Service”, have received the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) in the amount of HK$5,200,000, HK$6,848,831, and HK$4,963,700 respectively.

Two key projects, namely “Unconsciously Collaborative Crowd Intelligence Based Social Events Geo-Information Inference and Spatial Correlation Study” and “Study of Information Sensing & Computing Approach of External Examination for Healthcare”, have been granted the funding from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in January 2014. There are only three projects (in the Information Engineering area) granted in Hong Kong under this funding scheme in which the Department has obtained two.

The Department has also been performing very well in attracting General Research Fund (GRF) from the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong. From 2010/11 to 2014/15, the success rate increased dramatically from 13.04% to 33.33%, the number of projects awarded tripled from three to nine, and the total amount granted rose from HK$2.4 million to HK$6 million.

  • Who should I approach for further details?

    Check out the website of PolyU's Research Office, or Contact:
    Ms. Jolie Chick, Departmental Research Committee Secretary
    Telephone: (852) 2766 7303
    Facsimile: (852) 2774 0842