Game Lab

Given the extensive development of computer games and entertainment industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China, a Game Lab in the Department of Computing is certainly an indispensable facility supporting our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Students are facing with challenges from all aspects, which foster them to be the top designers and programmers of computer games. Creative thinking, visual communication, understanding of players' psychology, mobile, virtual and augmented reality applications, and the like are all very important skills in today's highly competitive job market. It is therefore, both essential and responsive, for us to conduct the latest research and development in computer games, and educate our students with all the latest technologies.

Key Research Themes

      • 3D Display and Motion Capture
      • Advanced Computer Graphics: Algorithms and Animation
      • Artificial Intelligence for Computer Games
      • Interactive Holographic
      • On-line MMOG Games Design and Development
      • Serious Games
      • Simulation of Special Effects and Natural Phenomena
      • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Research Outputs and Products

      • Game engines and C++ Libraries for computer games development
      • Soft computing techniques for collaborative maneuver planning in RTS game
      • New data structures and algorithms for fast indexing and retrieval of game objects 
      • Real-time aesthetic modifier for facial expression
      • Immersive 3D and mixed reality game development techniques
      • Game development in commerce platforms: Xbox One, iOS and Android 
      • Robots

Joint Research Opportunities

The Game Lab has established strong links with Hebei University, Shanghai Conservation of Music, Harbin University of Technology, School of Design of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Microsoft Xbox One (HK) as well as other institutions and organizations to jointly carry out computer games research and development.

For enquiries, please contact:

Dr SHIU Chi Keung Simon                                                  
Telephone: (852) 2766 7299

Dr NG Hiu Fung Peter
Telephone: (852) 2766 7248