Training/ Certification Programme (TCP)

To provide diversified learning opportunities to students, we collaborate with various well-known organisations to integrate tertiary education with professional training/ certification. Through this programme, students are provided with practical knowledge/ skills and extra-curricular guidance to strengthen their employability. 


Corda Training/ Certification Programme

In order to provide COMP students with more practical experience in blockchain application development, this programme is conducted in collaboration with the Hong Kong Blockchain Society. A series of workshops are organised for students. Students who pass a test will be awarded a certificate issued by the Hong Kong Blockchain Society.

In the workshops, core concepts of Corda, including state, contract, transaction, flow and node are introduced. To apply the concepts practically, students also solve programming problems, design blockchain applications and develop CorDapps (applications on Corda) from scratch. This programme facilitates students to develop in the Fintech field.

"The Corda workshop introduced me the basic concepts of blockchain as well as smart contract. It provided an opportunity to code business logic with Java under the Corda platform, which is a great way to understand what a distributed ledger is." ~~~ LAM Tsun Fung


Unity Training/ Certification Programme

This is a six-month programme with the aim of assisting students to prepare for the Unity Certified Developer examination. It is currently the only professional certification in the games industry. To get certified, candidates have to pass a rigorous test of technical and problem solving skills designed by specialists and experts from the games, 3D and interactive industries.

Obtaining this certification allows students to demonstrate their applied knowledge and technical programming skills that meet the industry standards, strengthens their competitiveness and enables them to develop in the game industry.

"I learnt all-rounded skills & procedures to properly develop a game using Unity. Hopefully, I can show my potential employers my ability to be their game developer." ~~~ YEUNG Tsz Fung


Joint COMP/ ICMA Affiliate Membership Scheme

This “Joint COMP/ ICMA Affiliate Membership Scheme”, offers students with free courses in strategic business analysis and strategic cost management, mentorship programme, internship referrals, networking opportunities, and free affiliate membership. This facilitates students to develop in the business/ finance field.

ICMA was officially incorporated in 1996 in Australia which aims to provide local prospective and practicing management accountants with the opportunity to attain the highly-regarded CMA professional qualification, whilst providing members with a wide range of professional development workshops and seminars on management accounting and current business topics. At present, there are 17 regional/ branch offices serving over 10,000 professional members over the world.

"After I joined the ICMA affiliate membership programme, I participated in some useful workshops. Also, this programme has extended my social network because CMA will organise different events." ~~~ NG Siu Lun