International Learning Activities

The Department endeavours to promote all-round student development and prepare students with international insights. Reaching out across the border, the Department provides a broad range of activities, including exchange programmes, study tours, and overseas internships, to broaden students’ horizons and enrich their learning experience at a global level. Here are the sharing of our undergraduate students about their experiences of participating in different international learning activities.

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Exchange Programme




Student Exchange Programme

Student exchange can be a life-changing experience. To develop students’ global outlook and broaden their perspectives, the Department regularly secure exchange programmes for students. Our students spend between two and six months at universities to experience new cultures, expand vision, make new friends from around the world and develop social skills that are beneficial to their future career success.

In recent years, the Department has offered exchange opportunities in a range of countries, including the USA, Candada, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.


The University of Maryland at College Park, USA - MA Mingyu

"UMD has a very strong Computer Science department in the US, and their courses for students are well prepared. The study experience here inspired me to do further research on data science and encouraged me to increase my ability on programming. I also had a deeper understanding about the culture of the US. The most impressive is that Americans are confident about their opinion and they would like to follow their hearts."


University of Central Florida, USA - TUNG Cheung Leong

"The international exchange gives inspiration to the life by helping me to confirm my passion on researching on computer science. I met a lot of friendly students and teaching stuffs here, they broadened my horizon about career and future plan. United States is a country with very diverse population. People of different races are living together happily."


University of Cincinnati, USA - LEUNG Shek Hin

"Students there were enthusiastic and friendly. They invited me to talk and hang out. I was encouraged to socialize with more people. We studied together, had fun together, and supported each other. During Spring break, we even went to Chicago for a short yet exciting trip."


McGill University, Canada - SIU Lok Man

"I joined the welcoming event held by the international student department and met a lot of new friends there. Almost all of the welcoming events were free to join and they provided food and drinks as well. New comers can attend some sharing sessions from the other senior year students about their tips and learning experience in McGill."


University of New Brunswick, Canada - CHIANG Pin Huey

"In UNB I met people from many different counties. We exchanged our own culture, travelled and experienced Canadian culture together. I also participated in a lot of winter activities that I would never experience in my home town like snow shoeing and ice skating on frozen river."


Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic - KONG Yu Ching

"I participated in various activities held by the International Student Club, including orientation week, buddy program, language courses, InteGREAT parties and trips. My buddy, Marek, is a Czech guy. He was friendly and helped me a lot to integrate my life in Prague."


Technical University of Denmark, Denmark - GU Jinshan

"The exchange experience in Denmark has inspired me a lot in many aspects. I realized that it is important to be open‐minded and respect others’ customs. During the exchange period, I collaborated with people from different countries. This experience also benefits my career because nowadays a number of projects and research works require international cooperation."


Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, Austria - TSE Yan Ting

"Living and studying in another country is full of challenges but also chances. I was given the chances to plan before I went. I was given the chances to solve problems alone. I was given the chances to experience the differences. Most important, I was given the chances to face challenges which help my personal growth."


Pforzheim University, Germany - YIP Kai Yan

"Venturing out of hometown to Germany places me in a new studying environment. By interacting and communicating with foreign students and people from all walks of life, inspire me to work toward changes and various situations. I can look into an issue from various perspectives due to the different background and culture of students."


GE4: Tampere University of Technology, Finland - KWEE Cheuk Yan

"After finishing my exchange study in Finland, I think it is a must-try activity in our 4-year university life. I gained a lot of new and valuable experience. Stepping out of comfort zone and taking on a new challenge is an important mission in the university life. Breaking own mold can make us stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in our professional and personal life." 


Lund University, Sweden - HO Bianca Yan Ting

"During October, workload started to get heavier. So, I stayed in Lund for the whole month to prepare for classes and assignments. After the exams, I visited Prague and Vienna by myself. This experience was great and this trip is still my favorite one because travelling on my own made me strong and independent."


Swinburne University of Technology, Australia - HO Hau Chuen

"I believe that the impact of the exchange experience can reach far beyond the time I spend abroad, which can enable me to keep gaining knowledge of a diversity of values, beliefs and I can practice in my real life. For me, the most important thing I learn is that never afraid of trying new things, or you will regret of not trying."


Peking University, China - WONG Ka Ho

"I think the study environment is very good in Peking University. It is because it is difficult to find a seat when you late on the lesson. They usually arrive the class thirty minutes earlier. Also, students in Peking University are willing to ask question. When professors ask questions and many students will raise their hands to answer. I am so impressed by their attitude to their study."


University of Tsukuba, Japan - CHENG Ka Shing Dick

"One of my unforgettable memory is travelling to Mount Tsukuba. The environmental protection is very great. The roads are well handled. Even I used more than two hours to go to the peak, the landscape along the way made me forgot the tiredness. This is really a rare experience.."


Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea - WU Vincent Wei Can

"It was a good experience to join the exchange programme because I could meet new friends from other countries, travel and know other culture and the teaching method of other universities. I realized that every university has its own style on exam, assignment and other academic issues."


National University of Singapore, Singapore - WAN Xiaoge

"This opportunity of studying abroad has somehow changed my plan of future life and career. After I met my “Marketing in a Digital Age” teacher in NUS, who is a full time Google sales but part time teacher of NUS, I felt that maybe I should work for different companies in different countries and experience as much as possible when I am still young."


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore - ZHOU Yi

"In NTU, using my free time, I worked in the Smart Mobility Experience Lab. The goal of the project was to provide an efficient system for managing bus stations. I contributed to their device monitoring system with my knowledge in website development. It is a memorable experience in the lab. I am grateful for the chances they gave me and their cordial welcome."


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan - LEUNG Ming Yuk

"During this exchange journey, I gained a lot. Firstly, it is the knowledge from the courses that I studied in NTUST, all the practical knowledge in computing can equip me for my next year's final year study and my capstone project. Secondly, I gained friendship. I met more than 30 exchange students who come from different countries."

Study Tour

The Department frequently organises study tours to visit a wide variety of destinations, such as the USA, UK, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China. At each destination, students have the opportunity to visit leading universities, enterprises and NGOs, which help them to learn different cultures, expand their global perspectives and even showcase their maturing talents. 

Overseas Service-Learning

The Department places a heavy emphasis on social commitment and responsibility, ensuring that all students apply classroom knowledge to help people in need. Students take part in projects that benefit disadvantaged groups, aid the work of non-governmental organisations and contribute to government initiatives that are designed to address social problems. In recent years, they have been to Cambodia, Myanmar, Rwanda, Vietnam, Indonesia and China to serve and learn.