Career Prospect

COMP not only equips the students with IT knowledge but also practical skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving and life-long learning skills which are beneficial to career development.  Most of our alumni are now working in different sectors with good prospect.  Let us see how the study in COMP helps them in planning for their future from the video below.

Information Technology













In PolyU 2017 Graduate Employment Survey, the average starting salary of our graduates reached HK$17,409 which is the second highest in the Faculty of Engineering. Among all the COMP respondents, the top three monthly salaries range from HK$30,000 to HK$34,000. The table below shows the top salary examples of COMP graduates in 2017:

Industry Job Scope Average Monthly Salary
Financial Institution Information Technology HK$34,000
Retail - Consumer Product Store Management HK$33,000
Software Consultancy R&D Engineering HK$30,000 
Software Consultancy R&D Engineering HK$27,600
Healthcare Programming HK$27,100
Healthcare Programming HK$26,400
Software Consultancy Programming HK$23,000 
Electronics Programming HK$23,000
Telecommunications Marketing HK$21,600
Electronics Programming HK$21,500
Electronic Payment System Engineering HK$20,800











As computing plays an important role in all businesses, our graduates started their career in a wide range of areas, such as IT, FinTech, Healthcare, Government, Logistics, Business Services, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Multimedia and Entertainment, etc. In other words, studying computing allows students to develop their career in many different business sectors.

COMP introduced a new internship option this year, allowing students to gain up to 32 weeks full-time working experience while still graduating in four years. This will further strengthen students’ employability.

List of some companies which had offered job opportunities to COMP graduates in 2017

- ACA Investment Management Ltd
- Accenture Solutions Ltd
- AIA Group
- ASM Pacific Technology
- Automated systems (HK) Ltd
- Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd
- Bureau Veritas Hong Kong Ltd
- CITIC Group
- Dairy Farm Group
- Esri China (Hong Kong) Ltd
- GP Electronics (HK) Ltd
- HK Electric
- HKSAR Governemnt, Labour Department
- HKSAR Governemnt, Lands Department
- HKSAR Governemnt, Office of the Communication Authority 
- Hospital Authority
- IBM China/Hong Kong Ltd
- Intercontinental Hong Kong
- Lippo Ltd
- Macroview Telecom Ltd
- Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group
- Microsoft Hong Kong Ltd
- MyTV Super Ltd
- Octopus Cards Ltd
- Orient Overseas Container Line
- St. Teresa Hospital
- Telstra Hong Kong
- The Chinese University of Hong Kong
- The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy
- Thomson Reuters
- Tradelink Electronic Commerce Ltd
- Veridate Financial Ltd

and more ...