Master of Science in Information Technology (For admission on or after 2019/20)

  • Our Master of Science in Information Technology (MScIT) programme is a new programme offering taught postgraduate computing education in Hong Kong, which is designed to nurture IT professionals and leaders for the long-term benefit of Hong Kong. The programme focuses on three important areas of information technology: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Financial Technology (FinTech), which are in great demand by Hong Kong business, industry, government and society. It assists students to develop further their technical competence and apply new knowledge, which helps them to enhance their competitiveness in their IT career. Graduates of this programme will be in good time and position to contribute to innovation and technology development and at the same time improve Hong Kong’s sustainability, efficiency and continuous economic development.

    UGC Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme
    The Fellowships Scheme is introduced by the HKSAR Government for nurturing more talents for the strategic development of Hong Kong. Local students admitted to our MScIT programme in 2021/22 will be automatically considered and the selected applicants will be invited to apply. The awardees will be provided tuition subsidy of up to HK$120,000.

  • PROGRAMME highlights
    - Students can choose to study a MScIT degree with stream(s) or without stream if they fulfil the stream requirements;
    - This programme offers a range of subjects which are in line with the latest information technology development;
    - This programme serves as a bridging programme for those who may either have some or no previous academic computing experience. The programme is also suited for computing and computer science graduates who want to further advance their knowledge and professionalism in our specified streams; and
    - This programme has flexible modes of study, i.e., both full-time and part-time modes, are available.
  • PROGRAMME features
    Promising career advancement

    With the strategic planning and investment of the HKSAR Government on the Smart City initiative, Hong Kong will be moving forward with new development in AI, FinTech, Robotics, and life sciences. Besides, data-driven technology development will be considered by the HKSAR Government as one of the top priorities. Hence, our programme with AI, Big Data and FinTech technologies as the core focus, is rightfully aligned with the strategic direction of the HKSAR Government in technology development. With the increasing demand for IT expertise locally and globally, our graduates, who are well equipped with comprehensive and professional IT knowledge, will be developed to be critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovative problem solvers and socially responsible global citizens. They will embark on promising career development in many sectors.

    The career opportunities for our students who complete the programme are multifold. Our graduates are expected to be well prepared for jobs such as consultants in Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Financial Technology, or IT managers, IT project officers and software engineers.

    Practical industry workshops and training sessions

    Our programme will offer extra learning opportunities to enhance students’ study experience. Programming workshops will be part of the learning and teaching activities designed to help students with no or limited programming experience. We will offer workshops on various topics including AI, Blockchain and Machine Learning to strengthen students’ technical skills and hands-on experiences. Besides, we will also invite renowned speakers to deliver talks, seminars and forums, such as Cyber Security, FinTech application in banking and insurance industry, ePayment services, Initial Coin Offering to help students enrich industrial experience and raise awareness of the latest technologies development.

    Advanced learning facilities and joint laboratories

    PolyU has established the University Research Facility in Big Data Analytics (UBDA), the first university-wide research facility in big data analytics among universities in Hong Kong. Equipped with big data expertise in PolyU and the most advanced computing infrastructure and tools today, UBDA is expected to foster cross-disciplinary research collaborations in PolyU, establish a strong partnership with industries on big data analytics applications, and promote big data education in Hong Kong. 

    At COMP, we have established other joint laboratories and have been working closely with industry-leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Yonyou, Alibaba and Tencent. These joint laboratories are not only supporting research activities but also teaching and learning as well as knowledge transfer purposes. They also facilitate students to gain practical knowledge and to keep in pace with the industry development.

    We also provide other resources for students to undertake project and dissertation on different topics. Students have the opportunity to access the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality System in the Virtual Reality and Game Lab as well as the Big Data and Cloud Computing Platform to perform their research studies. Students are also welcome to attend all the research seminars held by the Department to understand the latest state of research in the IT field.

    Flexible to choose the mode of study and stream(s)

    This programme offers both full-time and part-time mode of study. Different study patterns including the combination of a dissertation, a project and subjects of equivalent credits are available for students to choose according to their schedule and preference.

    To provide more choices for students according to the development of the global IT industry and the demands of the market, stream(s) are introduced in this programme. Based on their career goal and study plan, students enjoy the flexibility to study a MScIT degree with stream(s) or without stream if they fulfil the stream requirements.

    • Stream in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
    • Stream in Artificial Intelligence and Financial Technology

    Wide variety of subjects that cover hot IT topics

    Given the rapid evolution of the IT industry, this programme offers a range of core and elective subjects that are in line with the fast-changing IT market needs as well as students’ demand especially in the three booming areas: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and FinTech. Students enjoy flexible options in selecting subjects that fit their interests and career goals.

    COMP frequently reviews the programme curriculum and we have recently introduced some new subjects such as “Machine Learning and Data Analysis”, “Cyber and Internet Security”, “Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrency and E-Payment”, “Computer Vision and Image Analysis”, etc.

    Excellent platform for peer learning and exchange

    Our programme offers a comprehensive curriculum with cutting-edge subjects to cater for students with different career developmental needs. With such an environment of broad student mix, students benefit not only from learning the fundamental theories, core and applied technologies, and industry best practices but also from interaction with their peers in exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. COMP also maintains an extensive network of MSc alumni, students can acquire both advanced expertise and professional networks that help them scale new heights in their careers.

  • Info seminar

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