Nurturing Talents

With its focus on interdisciplinary research and education, the Department nurtures talents who develop highly successful careers in a broad range of fields, which can be divided into three main categories: Entrepreneur, Professionalism and Research.

  • Entrepreneur

    Mr LEE Chi Hung Edmund and Dr CHUANG Siu Nam

    Mr Lee graduated from BSc in Computing from the Department of Computing at PolyU in 1998, while Dr Chuang graduated from BSc in Information Technology in 1999, MPhil in 2002 and PhD in Computer Science in 2009 from the Department of Computing at PolyU.

    Mr Lee and Dr Chuang are the co-founders of K-Matrix Group. They are an excellent example of successful partnership in which Mr Lee is the CEO who takes care of the business side; while Dr Chuang is the CRD (Chief Research Director) who is in charge of the research and development of the company’s technology backbone. K-Matrix was founded from the incubation programme of Hong Kong Science Park back in 2005 when they started to develop a series of cutting-edge analytics tools and systems for sophisticated digital intelligence analysis. With headquarter in Hong Kong, the company has expanded their business to the Greater China with branches set up in Shanghai and Guangzhou. The company has been partnering with over 400 companies including charity, government and non-government organization in advertising, corporate communication, marketing and communication, media planning and public relation sectors in China and Hong Kong. Currently, they are planning to expand their business to Asia-Pacific region.

  • Professionalism

    Mr LAM Bing Kuen Paul

    Mr Lam graduated from MSc in E-Commerce from the Department of Computing at PolyU in 2003. After graduation, Mr Lam continued to contribute to the department by serving as the president of the Computing Alumni Association from 2004 to 2006, and a member of the Departmental Advisory Committee from 2006-2008 to provide guidance and insights for the department’s planning and implementation on strategies and policies.

    Mr Lam has immersed in the IT industry for years with solid and fruitful knowledge. He has taken up the different IT management role who was responsible for application development, infrastructure and operations in various multi-national companies. Mr Lam is also a passionate educator and researcher. In order to promote the exchange of learning experience among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong universities’ students as well as teaching staffs, he has initiated and served as the Chair Judge of the ‘Amway Pan-Pearl River Delta Region Universities IT Project Competition’ since 2006. He was also involved in research works in the University of Strathclyde in England, specializing in research area like the relationship between IT operating cost and commercial application of technology, and business intelligent applications.

    In contributing to the IT industry development, he is a fellow member of the Hong Kong Computer Society helping to promote the IT profession in the industry. He served at the International/China Affairs Committee of the Society and aligned many exchange activities between Hong Kong and Mainland China IT parties.

    Mr CHOW Chok Kee Horace

    Mr Chow completed Diploma in Computing Studies from the Department of Computing at PolyU in 1985. He is a seasoned industry veteran with 20 years of IT and leadership experience running multinational IT companies in Hong Kong. With his senior management roles within several large IT corporations, he has contributed to the IT profession through shaping the development of related policies, transforming enterprises with the latest technology, growing the local partner ecosystem and developing IT professionals as well as management talent in the IT industry. Currently, he is the General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong and Macau, overseeing strategy, business operations and outreach for the company in Hong Kong. Mr Chow leads an executive team responsible for Microsoft business in Hong Kong, including key customer organizations, business and marketing groups, and technical support and consultancy services.

    On the community services front, it has always been Mr Chow's passion to nurture the next-generation of IT talent. He has served on the Advisory Committees of IT Management and Systems Engineering & Engineering Management departments for years. He also regularly visits different universities in Hong Kong to share experience and insights to inspire young university students about technology innovations and their social impact on Hong Kong. Additionally, he has served on the ICT Services Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and OGCIO's Steering Committee on Enriched IT Programme in Secondary Schools.

  • Research

    Ir Dr LEUNG Ping Hung Karl Richard

    Ir Dr Leung received his Diploma and Higher Diploma in Computing Studies from the Department of Computing in 1985 and 1987 respectively and had been a faculty member at his Alma Mater, the Department of Computing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, between 1989 and 1998.

    He joined the Vocational Training Council in 1998 and has been the head of several IT departments and technology transfer unit of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and Vocational Training Council since then.

    Ir Dr Leung is a good example of contributing his IT professional knowledge and services all rounded locally and internationally significantly. He was one of the three project managers at The University of Hong Kong responsible for the development of all the software for the subject ‘Computer Literacy’ when this subject was first introduced in HK secondary schools in 1989. In 1998, he led the IEEE HK Section Computer Society Chapter, the largest computer society in HK by that time, and won the World Most Outstanding Computer Society Chapter Award of the IEEE Computer Society. This was the first IEEE Most Outstanding Chapter Award won by HK. He also contributed to lobby the HKSAR Government and Chinese Government to include IT as one of the functional constituency in the Legislative Council and the setup of the Innovation Technology Fund.

    Ir Dr Leung is also an outstanding achiever in applied research and technology transfer. His research results have been adopted by industries such as the Yantian International Container Terminals. Ir Dr Leung’s research has been frequently reported by media, invited to show case in international exhibitions, reported in invited seminars, as well as implemented in corporate locally and overseas. He is also frequently interviewed by media providing professional comments on different IT matters.

    Dr LI Gary

    Dr Li graduated from BSc in Computing in 2002 and MPhil in Computing in 2004 from the Department of Computing at PolyU.

    With the strong interest in computing nurtured at the Department, Dr Li continued his study of PhD at the University of Waterloo in Canada after graduation from the Department. He set up a company of “Algorithmic Trading” in Canada. He is specialized in research and business on applications of A.I. and data mining and has served as a machine learning consultant for many companies. He has also served as consultant for numerous high-tech projects including energy management, chemical sensors, web search, social media and microarray data. Dr Li is the co-founder and the Chief Scientist of KFL Investment Management Inc. The company employs pattern analysis and machine intelligence technologies to find important patterns in financial data. Dr Li currently leads the R&D of predictive modelling and algorithmic trading of the company.