Executive Master in Digital Leadership

    • Programme Aims and Learning Outcomes

      The aim of this programme is to provide a genuinely innovative professional development experience to equip participants with knowledge about the latest trends in technology and how they can be transferred to their business models and strategies. Students are empowered to be able to identify digital disruption in the global market and exploit the opportunities. They learn to adopt a “computational thinking” approach that combines technology, design and business methodologies to drive innovation in their practices, processes, products and services.

      On completion of this programme, graduates should be able to:
      1. Identify and understand technologies enabling digital disruption in the marketplace and the associated threats and opportunities, risk management and ethical implications.
      2. Make effective use of design thinking, methods and perspectives to generate innovative and meaningful solutions to issues which arise in the context of their organisations.
      3. Identify and articulate the priorities for digital transformation for your organisation.
      4. Develop strategies for innovation and experimentation in response to the shifting nature of competitive advantage.

      More information on the programme can be obtained at www.polyu.edu.hk/iaee/emdl.


    • Programme Characteristics

      The programme’s emphasis is on the enrichment of students' capacity to generate innovative digital ideas to achieve competitive advantages for the organisations they are serving, to lead digital transformation within corporations. Executives are provided with unique educational experiences that translate into them becoming well-equipped leaders in the ever-competitive digital business environment.

    • Programme Structure

      This programme is offered in part-time mode. Depending on students' pace of study, they should normally be able to complete the programme in 1.5 years.


      Students are required to take 8 compulsory Core Subjects and 1 Subject for a total of 30 credits. Each subject is scheduled as a block of 3 weeks of study for 10 hours per week. Students are also required to attend classes on Friday evenings (6:30 pm – 9:30 pm) and Saturdays (9:30 am – 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm).



      • Digital Leadership Transformation – Business Technology Strategies
      • Design Thinking, Methods and Perspectives
      • Turning Data Insights to Business Actions
      • Financial Technologies
      • Organizational Creativity and Innovation
      • Pervasive and Smart Computing
      • High Tech and Innovation Management
      • International Digital Leadership Forum (Study Tour) (Elective*)
      • Ecosystem for IT Innovations (Elective*)
      • Capstone Project


      Please click here for the tentative Class Schedule, which is subject to confirmation.


      * Students are required to take only one Elective Subject. Elective Subjects are offered in alternative years: “Ecosystem for IT Innovations” will be offered in 2017/18.


      More information on the programme structure can be obtained at www.polyu.edu.hk/iaee/en-us/programmes/detail/digital-leadership/structure.

    • Entrance Requirements
      • A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline;
      • A minimum 5 years of work experience in a managerial position.


      English Language Requirements

      If you are not a native speaker of English, and your Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification is awarded by an institution where the medium of instruction is not English, you are expected to fulfil the University’s minimum English language requirement for admission. Please refer to the "Admission Requirements" section for details.


      Individual cases will be considered on their merit.


      In exceptional circumstances, special admission of non-degree holders to the Masters programme may be offered to experienced executives in senior managerial positions who possess a minimum 12 years of experience.


      Suitable applicants may be invited to interviews.