• Programme Aims & Learning Outcomes

    Unique in Hong Kong, the Department offers its own BSc (Hons) Scheme in Computing (previously known as "Broad Discipline of Computing") that includes several programmes with diversified scopes of curriculum design suiting different students’ interests. Specific niches have been introduced in each programme, which empowers students with the competitive edge they will need on their career paths.

    Programme Highlights

    Different programmes to choose from

    All students will study common computing subjects in year one. Selection of major is in year two so that students can choose the major degree that is most suitable for themselves.

    Unique FinTech & AI Programme

    The first bachelor degree in Hong Kong that combines Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence. There is a huge demand for financial technologists and AI talents with the government’s vision to transform Hong Kong into a smart city.

    Ample internship opportunities

    Local enterprises provide internship opportunities to students so that they can obtain up to 32-week full-time work experience in the second semester and summer in year three.

    Choice of minor in other departments/ faculties

    Our programme structure facilitates students to study a minor degree simultaneously with the major, for example, major in Computing and minor in Accountancy, Business Economics, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Design or Applied Mathematics.

    Excellent overseas exchange programmes

    Students may have the opportunities to study at renowned institutions in foreign countries, enlightening and enriching their study lives.

    Support and advice for professional training/ certification

    We integrate tertiary education with professional training/ certification so that students are provided with practical knowledge/ skills and extra-curricular guidance to strengthen their employability.

    Close industry connection

    We partner with the industry to organise seminars and workshops on new technologies regularly to enhance students’ practical knowledge and skills.

    Holistic learning and development opportunities

    We encourage students to broaden their horizons by taking part in Service-Learning, study tours and competitions. For example, our students won the championship in the 2016 and 2017 Microsoft Imagine Cup Hong Kong and represented Hong Kong to participate in the world final in Seattle.




    Undergraduate Programme

    • BSc(Hons) in Computing

      The BSc(Hons) in Computing emphasizes on applying computing theories and programming methodologies to design and develop fast and smart computing systems and software.

    • BSc(Hons) in Enterprise Information Systems

      The BSc(Hons) in Enterprise Information Systems emphasizes on applying computing technologies and enterprise information to develop and manage business solutions.

    • BSc(Hons) in Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence

      The BSc (Hons) in Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence aims to cultivate financial technologists with the strength of developing intelligent software applications and innovative finance solutions.

    • BSc(Hons) in Information Technology (Only offered for senior year admission in 2020/21)

      The BSc(Hons) in Information Technology emphasizes on integrating computing devices, systems and software to design and implement IT architectures for advanced applications.

  • Programme Characteristics
    • Common first semester/year: students admitted to the Scheme do not need to decide on the final award in the first year of study, but only need to select their study paths in the second year.
    • Rich study pathways: the core credits of the programme is on the low side, providing a lot of rooms for students to take on various minor study paths in their own interested disciplines, such as Business Administration, Financial Services, Social Science, or other Engineering disciplines. They may also take additional subjects in Computing to strengthen and specialise in one or more technical streams.
    • Applied and practical: the curriculum covers up-to-date practical skills, both in content and teaching methodology, e.g. iPhone technology.
    • Master's degree: the Department provides articulation to students for admission into the Master's programme it offers. They can receive a Master's degree with one extra year of study.
    • Recognition and Scholarship: many departmental scholarships are available for students, recognising their academic and non-academic performance.
  • Programme Structure

    All students are admitted to the BSc (Hons) Scheme in Computing. In the first year, they study a common set of subjects to lay their foundation to university study, and a taste of the broad discipline. In the second year, they can select the individual awards and study the corresponding content. All awards feature the minor option and an individual or a group integrative capstone project in the final year.