FinTech Seminar Series

The Department is conducting a series of FinTech Seminars to equip students with knowledge about the latest trend, applications, and regulations around FinTech. We have invited many professionals and industry practitioners to share their first hand experiences and insights with our students.

The seminar is open to everyone! Welcome to join us! 


12 Apr 2018

FinTech - a CIO's perspective

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Mr. Gary Ma
Chief Information Officer of BOC International

29 Mar 2018

Legal and Regulatory Implication of AI

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Mr. Pádraig Walsh
Partner in the corporate group of an international law firm

22 Mar 2018

Cyber Security: Defense in Depth

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Mr. Nelson Yuen
Technology Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

15 Mar 2018

Blockchain and Insurance Industry

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Mr. Jason Wong
Technical Manager of AIA Edge Group Innovation Team, AIA Group

8 Mar 2018

Venture Capital Funding

Mr. Ernest Wong
President and Group Chief Financial Officer of KVB Kunlun Holdings Limited


8 Feb 2018

AI in Financial Industry

Mr. Samson Tai
IBM Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited


25 Jan 2018

Practical Approach to Prevent and Detect Fraud

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Mr. C. K. Cho
Barrister, LLB, London FHKIoD


23 Nov 2017

Octopus: A FinTech Case Study

Mr. Sammy Kam
Technical Director
Octopus Cards Limited


16 Nov 2017

Quantum Finance Forecast System 

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Dr. Raymond S. T. Lee
Bsc., Msc, PhD, MIEEE, MACM
CEO and Founder of Quantum Dynamics Technology Ltd

9 Nov 2017

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Understanding the Edge Innovation and Role of TechFin

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Mr Pindar Wong
Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd.


2 Nov 2017

Faster Payment Service in Hong Kong

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Mr. Richard Tang
General Manager of iASPEC Services Limited

26 Oct 2017

Blockchain: Legal and Business

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Mr. Peter Woo 
Strategist, eMALI.IO Limited


19 Oct 2017

Initial Coin Offering

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Mr. Peter Woo 
Strategist, eMALI.IO Limited

12 Oct 2017

What is Blockchain and How Does It Work?


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Dr Lawrence Ma
President of Hong Kong Blockchain Society
Founder and CEO of eMALI.IO Limited

28 Sep 2017

Fintech Compliance in Banking Industry


Mr. David Chan

Deputy General Manager
Legal & Compliance and Operational Risk Management Department
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Ltd

21 Sep 2017

Unleashing Hong Kong's FinTech Potential with more open ePayment gateways and platforms


Mr. Emil Chan

Co-founder and CEO of Starthub Holding Ltd

14 Sep 2017

Regulatory Technology and You

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Mr. C. K. Cho
Barrister, LLB, London FHKIoD