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COMP Best Project Award Competition 2021

To recognise students’ outstanding performance in their Capstone Projects, COMP hosted the online Best Project Award Competition on 5 June. Among this year’s projects, five students were shortlisted to compete for the awards. Apart from our faculty members, we invited experienced executives from the technology sector including Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, and InfoTech Services to form a panel of judges.

Each student was given fifteen minutes for presentation and Q&A. The judging criteria included project background study, design or methodology, implementation, evaluation, video demonstration and presentation skills. The panel agreed that it was a tough decision as all participants were very well-prepared and able to demonstrate their ideas concisely and respond confidently. In addition to the Best Project Awards, two contestants were selected to receive the InfoTech Job Market Driven Scholarship, based on the quality and relevancy of their projects in adopting hot skills highly sought by the IT industry.

This annual competition not only gives an opportunity for the students to showcase their excellent work but also allows them to interact with industry professionals and gain direct insights to further refine their projects.

Award Project Title Awardee

- Champion

- InfoTech Job Market Driven  Scholarship

VR Vocational Training System for People with Mental Disorder CHER Chun Ho       

- First Runner-up Award

Real-time Photorealistic Video Style Transfer on User-specified Object Classes CHOI Wing Nam

- Second Runner-up Award

- InfoTech Job Market Driven Scholarship

Automated Fare Collection System for Public Transportation Facilities LAU Yuen Yee