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The 6th China International College Students’ 'Internet Plus' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Under the supervision of Prof. Song Guo, Professor and Associate Head (Research & Development), our research student, Mr Jackal Xu, and his teammates won a Silver Award at the 6th China International College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition held in Hong Kong with their project named “Dr. Body”.

Different degrees of deformation may occur on a human’s spine and legs, especially among adolescents, resulting from poor posture. Facing this chronic illness, initial screening is particularly important. “Dr. Body” aims to provide teens with flexible and convenient screening, diagnosis and tracking on their postures.

The body images collected from offline scanning will be first analysed through image processing and algorithmic calculus. Then a three-dimensional body model is reconstructed and matched against the medical clinical parameters for health analysis. “Dr. Body” is a radiation-free and one-stop Internet of Things (IoT) platform that could achieve preliminary body posture assessment, suggest the need for rehabilitation and customise follow-up services with a health management app.

“Through the competition, we have organised our entrepreneurial ideas more clearly and we have seen many other good projects which broadened our horizons,” Jackal shared. “I hope that in the future, Dr. Body can further develop to help more young people to get rid of physical sub-health problems and grow up healthily!”.

To invite the young talents to share their entrepreneurial ideas, the Ministry of Education has hosted the competition since 2015, and it has become one of the world’s largest innovation and entrepreneurship competitions for college students.