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Online Career Talk - “Workforce Demands in Digital Age”

To provide COMP students with more insights on the career development in computing and IT, we co-organised an online career talk on “Workforce Demands in Digital Age” with Institute of Financial Technologist of Asia (IFTA) on 29 April 2020. We invited various executives and practitioners from the banking and finance industry, as well as IT experts, to analyse the manpower demand in this digital era and share advice to our students on shaping their career path.

Dr Henry Chan, Associate Professor and Associate Head of COMP, and Mr Paul Pong, Chairman of IFTA, gave a brief introduction and welcomed all participants. A wide range of topics was covered during the career talk, including career opportunities in virtual banks, cybersecurity landscape and workforce demands, how to step on the ladder towards IT professionals, and recent career development in the FinTech industry.

There were lively discussions and good engagement between the speakers and the attendees. The career talk enabled our students to grasp the recent trend in IT and understand the technical skill sets and professional certifications required.

COMP students could click here to log in and watch the recorded video.