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Dr Nan Guan received an Outstanding Paper Award at RTSS 2019

Congratulations to Dr Nan Guan and his research team on receiving an Outstanding Paper Award of the 40th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS2019) with the paper titled “Mixed-Criticality Multicore Scheduling of Real-Time Gang Task Systems”.

A significant trend in modern real-time systems is to integrate functions with different criticality levels on a shared hardware platform. A failure of the high-criticality ones will lead to catastrophic consequences, while the failure of a low-criticality one only degrades the quality of some services in certain degree. It is a challenging problem to design such mixed-criticality systems so that the hardwares are shared efficiently between the high- and low-criticality functions while keeping the timing behaviour of high-criticality function not interfered by the low-criticality ones.

This paper presents the study on how to build mixed-criticality parallel real-time software on multi-core processors. The team developed scheduling algorithms and associated theories to guarantee the timing correctness of computing tasks with different criticality levels, while allowing them to share the resource of multi-core processors in a highly efficient way. Theories are also developed to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of the results against the hypothetical optimal solution. For the first time, these results provide practical solutions to the design problem of parallel mixed-criticality real-time systems on multi-core processors, and justify its effectiveness both theoretically and empirically.

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