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Corda Training Workshop

In recent years, there is a huge demand for professionals in the market for designing, developing and maintaining blockchain-based systems. In order to provide our students with more hands-on experience in blockchain application development, we invited industry practitioners to deliver a series of workshop in August 2019.

Mr Edward Lee, an alumnus of COMP and a Certified Corda Developer, introduced the core concepts of Corda — an open-source blockchain platform built for applications that reconstruct different industries, including finance, insurance and even healthcare. Students were given programming tasks to develop CorDapps (applications on Corda) from scratch and tips for attaining Corda professional certification were shared by the trainer as well.

Dr Lawrence Ma, the President of the Hong Kong Blockchain Society, offered an insight into the applications of blockchain in various sectors and shared his view on the potentials of the distributed ledger technology.

These workshops are under the Department’s Corda Training/ Certification Programme (TCP), which aims at integrating tertiary education with professional certification to strengthen students’ employability after graduation.