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COMP Annual Research Day 2019

Organised by COMP and its Postgraduate Research Student Association, the eighth edition of COMP Annual Research Day (CARD) was successfully concluded on 13 June at PolyU. Under the theme of “COMP TechVenture Competition”, 65 students with different research backgrounds formed ten teams to compete for the champion.

Ir Prof. Alexander Wai, Vice President (Research Development) of PolyU, gave a warm welcome to all participants. Prof. Qing Li, Chair Professor and Head of COMP officiated the opening which marked the start of CARD 2019. All teams presented their technology venture proposals to a panel of “Angel Investors”, including Prof. Lui Sha, Distinguished Chair Professor of COMP, Dr Steven Wei, Associate Professor of School of Accounting and Finance of PolyU, Mr HL Cheng, President of PolyU Computing Alumni Association, and Dr Kai Zheng, Director of Russell Lab of Huawei Technology. Angel Investors then determined how much money they would invest in each team after assessing their performance.

After two rounds of evaluation, Team D won the highest amount of investment with their proposal “Smart Network Interface CARD”. In this project, they developed a novel low-power Transmission-Analytics Processing Unit, which can switch, in runtime, between a CPU mode and a GPU mode on the same chip.

At the closing, Dr Bin Xiao, Associate Professor and Chair of Departmental Research Committee of COMP, expressed his gratitude to Huawei Technology for sponsoring the prizes of CARD this year and appreciated research students for their great effort put into the competition.

CARD is an important annual event of COMP which gathers all research students and academic staff together. It provides an excellent platform for students to share their research outcomes to their peers and faculty members as well as promoting cross-area collaborations.

Award Awardee Title of Proposal
First Place Team D
CHEN Liushan
HU Chuang
LIU Yongxu
Smart Network Interface CARD 
Second Place Team I
FAN Xueli
HOU Ningning
LI Yushi
LI Zecheng
LU Xingye
WU Haotian
YU Xinbo
Mental Health Management Platform
Third Place Team G
SAHNI Yuvraj
TUNG Cheung Leong
WEN Zhiyuan
YANG Ruosong
YANG Yanni
Restore Your Mind with a Smart Voice Recorder