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PolyU Computing Graduate Employment Survey 2017

The latest PolyU Graduate Employment Survey was released recently. The average starting salary of COMP graduates reached HK$17,409, which is the second highest in the Faculty of Engineering. Among all the COMP respondents, the top three monthly salaries range from HK$30,000 to HK$34,000.

As computing plays an important role in all businesses, our graduates started their career in a wide range of areas, such as IT, FinTech, Healthcare, Government, Logistics, Business Services, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Multimedia and Entertainment, etc. In other words, studying computing allows students to develop their career in many different business sectors.

COMP introduced a new internship option this year, allowing students to gain up to 32 weeks full-time working experience while still graduating in four years. This will further strengthen students’ employability.

Top Salary Examples of COMP Graduates in 2017

Industry Job Scope Average Monthly Salary
Financial Institution Information Technology HK$34,000
Retail - Consumer Product Store Management HK$33,000
Software Consultancy R&D Engineering HK$30,000 
Software Consultancy R&D Engineering HK$27,600
Healthcare Programming HK$27,100
Healthcare Programming HK$26,400
Software Consultancy Programming HK$23,000 
Electronics Programming HK$23,000
Telecommunications Marketing HK$21,600
Electronics Programming HK$21,500
Electronic Payment System Engineering HK$20,800