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COMP Workshops for JUPAS Applicants

Following the successful initiative last year, thematic workshops on Virtual Reality (VR) and Cyber Security were held on both 21 June and 26 June, attracting over a hundred JUPAS applicants to attend.

The VR workshops covered topics on Projection VR, Cave System, Editor Basics, Game Objects Models and Materials, Scripting Primer, and Interactive Motion Sensing, etc. Participants were able to learn about the skills of creating an interactive VR application with a Google Cardboard, which they found it very interesting.

During the Cyber Security workshops, topics including Shift Cipher and Substitution, Cryptography, Encryption Method, IoT Security and Malware Analysis were introduced. There were some in-class exercises for the students to practise code breaking and encryption technique.

In addition to the workshops, we arranged few consultation sessions for these students to meet with our academic advisors, answering their questions about JUPAS admission.

Participants enjoyed the classes very much as they were given the opportunities to gain new learning experience at university as well as further foster their interests towards computer science and information technology.