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Seminar on "How does Microsoft respond to cyber attack?"

COMP organised a seminar on "How does Microsoft respond to cyber attack?” at PolyU on 3 February. Mr Barry Kong, Analyst, Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) of Microsoft Hong Kong was invited to share the insights on cyber security, new trends in cyber attack and how DCU partners with law enforcement globally to investigate and take action against ransomware infection.

DCU is a special unit within Microsoft comprising of an international team of attorneys, analysts, investigators, data scientists, engineers and business professionals based in 30 countries, who work together and collaborate with law enforcements and stakeholders, to transform the ongoing fight against digital crime and global malware, reduce digital risk, and protect the general public. Mr Kong is also the Gold Award Winner of the Cyber Security Professionals Awards (CSPA) in 2017 and has deep knowledge and experience in cyber forensics and malware analysis, incident response, and other cyber security related technical topics.