Event Calendar

COMP celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2019. The Department specially organised a range of celebratory activities and events to foster strong bonding and connection between our students, alumni, staff members, industry partners and stakeholders.

Some key events were highlighted as follows. 


19-21 Jan 2020

The 20th International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2019)

WISE Society has established itself as a solid community aiming at high quality research and offering the ground for advancing and progressing efforts in Web information systems addressed topics. The aim of the conference series on Web Information Systems Engineering is to provide an International forum for researchers, professionals, and industrial practitioners to share their knowledge and insights in the rapidly growing area of Web technologies, methodologies, and applications.

11-13 Dec 2019

The 15th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks (MSN 2019)

IEEE MSN provides a forum for academic researchers and industry practitioners to present research progresses, exchange new ideas, and identify future directions in the field of mobile ad-hoc and sensor networks. Selected papers will be recommended for publication in special issues of several SCI-indexed journals.


28 Nov 2019

COMP 45th Anniversary Gala Dinner (Cancelled)

This is one of the most important events to celebrate the Department’s 45th anniversary this year. It provides an excellent opportunity for us to foster a stronger association with our staff, students, alumni, academic peers, research collaborators, industrial partners, as well as donors and sponsors, and share the joy of celebration with us.


29 Oct 2019

IFTA Fintech Achievement Awardee Seminar

Co-organised with the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA), three awardees of IFTA Fintech Achievement Award 2018 are invited to share their awarded business models and technologies with us at PolyU.

An interactive open discussion on AI adoption in fintech business in Asia, growth of cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity and blockchain based applications in the fintech industry was also held.

30 Sep 2019

COMP Distinguished Lecture Series - High Performance Computing and Big Data: Challenges for the Future

Speaker: Prof. Jack Dongarra, Distinguished Professor, Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
; Director, Innovative Computing Laboratory, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA

In this lecture, Prof. Dongarra examined some of the challenges involved with high performance computing and big data for scientific computing.

Prof. Jack Dongarra

12 Aug 2019

COMP Distinguished Lecture Series - The Role of Computer Architecture in Emerging Cloud Computing and Edge Computing Paradigms

Speaker: Prof. Yuanyuan Yang, Distinguished Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Associate Dean for Diversity and Academic AffairsCollege of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Stony Brook University, USA

In this lecture, Prof. Yang explored the central role computer architecture research plays in cloud computing and edge computing paradigms.

Prof. Yuanyuan Yang

13 Jul 2019

CAP Competition 2019 - CAP Day

COMP and the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) jointly organised the sixth edition of Computer App Programming (CAP) Competition at PolyU. To foster creativity and further promote STEM education, the competition was divided into “CAP Test” and “CAP Day” this year.

6 Jul 2019

Open Forum - AI and Fintech Applications in the Banking, Finance, and Servicing Industry

COMP organised an open forum on “AI and Fintech Applications for Banking, Finance and Servicing Industries” at PolyU which brought together over 250 industry practitioners, executives, academia and students for potential collaborations and research opportunities.

15 May 2019

COMP Mentorship Programme Kick-off Gathering

To enhance student learning and career development, COMP introduces a mentorship programme in collaboration with the Computing Alumni Association (CAA). The aim is to provide students with advice on career development as well as general education. 
Each student will be assigned a mentor and there will also be group activities with other mentors.

17 Apr 2019

COMP Distinguished Lecture Series - Big Social Media Data and Its Challenges for Machine Learning

Speaker: Prof. Huan Liu, 
Data Mining and Machine Learning Lab, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA

In this lecture, Prof. Liu examined some critical issues related to big social media data such as how to make `big’ data bigger, how to protect a user’s privacy without the loss of service utility, and how to evaluate machine learned results without ground truth and at scale.

 Prof. Huan Liu

10 Apr 2019

CAP Competition 2019 - CAP Test 

COMP and the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE) jointly organised the sixth edition of Computer App Programming (CAP) Competition at PolyU.

CAP Competition is an annual competition that targets at secondary school students, creating a great platform for them to develop computational and programming knowledge, enhance logical thinking skills, nurture creativity as well as increase team spirit.

11 Mar 2019

COMP Distinguished Lecture Series - AI at Dawn - opportunities and challenges

Speaker: Prof. Dacheng Tao, ARC Laureate Fellow, Professor of Computer Science, University of Sydney, Australia

Prof. Tao reviewed the recent progress on Artificial Intelligence (AI) by introducing some representative advancements from algorithms to applications, and illustrated the stairs for its realization from perceiving to learning, reasoning and behaving. He also brought some examples of AI challenges and share his insights and perspectives with the attendees.

Prof. Dacheng Tao

18 Jan 2019

Masters of Abstraction - Laureates of Mathematics and Computer Science

The forum was co-hosted by COMP and the Department of Applied Mathematics (AMA) at PolyU with the theme of “How AI and Big Data are Driving Innovation”. 

Under the theme of “How AI and Big Data are Driving Innovation”, five laureates of ACM A.M. Turing Award, ACM Prize in Computing and Fields Medal were invited to share their experience and achievements in academic research and their views of scientific development. Followed the laureates’ speeches, two panel discussions led by laureates, local and overseas scholars gave the audience inspirational and fruitful insights on the impact of growing adoption of artificial intelligence and big data.

Event video: https://youtu.be/fXkdOHqJZwg