Awards & Achievements

COMP Team was ranked No.1 in Hong Kong Region at the IEEExtreme Programming Competition 2016

We are proud to announce that members of our Programming Gurus’ Club under guidance of Dr Richard Lui, Teaching Fellow of COMP, achieved very good performance in the IEEEXtreme 10.0 24-Hour Programming Competition on 22 - 23 October 2016.  One of the teams, The FeastTeam, formed by two COMP students, Haozhe Yan, Zhengyun Liao and a student from the Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology (ABCT), Tianze Lin, attained the 1st rank in Hong Kong region, 19th in China region and 75th among 2000 teams from the globe.

All contestants had to compete against each other to solve a set of programming problems in 24 hours and points were awarded based on how the problem was solved, the time it took, and its difficulty. COMP nominated four student teams to join the contest this year and “The FeastTeam” successfully solved 15 out of the 20 programming problems and obtained 1163.36 marks. They finally got into top 100 in this annual global competition and a special edition IEEEXtreme 10.0 gift bundle were awarded to them.

Let’s congratulate our students and Dr Richard Lui for such remarkable accomplishment!

COMP student teams:
1. The FeastTeam
(Rank:75 with 1,163.36 marks)
- YAN Haozhe (COMP - Yr 2)
- LIAO Zhengyun (COMP - Yr 1)
- LIN Tianze (ABCT - Yr 1)

2. 666team (Rank:135 with 803.84 marks)
- CHENG Mingru (COMP - Yr 1)
- CHENG Yiran(COMP - Yr 1)    
- WU Feijie (EIE - Yr 1)

3. Waterteam (Rank:228 with 606.18 marks)
- YANG Yutong (COMP - Yr 1)
- HE Shiqi (COMP - Yr 1)0
- ZHANG Hanyu (COMP - Yr 1)

4. BugsEverywhere (Rank:256 with 580.15 marks)
- LEE Man Kit Tommy (COMP - Yr 2)
- LI Chak Wai (COMP - Yr 2)  
- TAM Yiu Chau Andy (COMP - Yr 1)