Responsibilities of Student Advisees (SA)

Effective academic advising requires an active participation of student advisees in the process.  The responsibilities of SA include:

  • Taking personal responsibility for their academic decisions, plans and outcomes;
  • Becoming familiar with the academic advising policies, resources and infrastructure at PolyU
  • Understanding their Major/Minor requirements and the General University Requirements and monitor their progress with reference to the graduation requirements
  • Developing a study plan which enables he/she to complete his/her undergraduate degree at PolyU
  • Attending academic advising sessions offered by the Department and the Office of General University Requirements(OGUR)
  • Being prepared for academic advising and understanding his/her academic progress before meeting his/her academic advisor
  • Raising any questions regarding their academic study (if any) at the academic advising meetings
  • Having an open mind and being ready to seriously consider the advice given by teachers, academic advisers and other staff
  • Reading the e-mails and letters sent by their Departmental academic advisors and the OGUR academic counsellors
  • Visiting the Departmental academic advising website and the OGUR website at least once a semester for updates and new information;
  • Seeking help as early as possible
  • Enjoying their academic advising experience at PolyU