COMP Alumni Award 2019


The history of the Department of Computing (COMP) dates back to 1974 and it took lead in the development of computing education in the territory. With close to 45 years’ of success, today, COMP plays a strong role in performing world-class research and nurturing professional talents to support the society’s advancement. Moving forward, COMP is determined to assert its position as the leader in interdisciplinary research and education in computing, generating worldwide impact and benefit to mankind through teamwork and partnership.

The COMP Alumni Award aims to recognize and publicly honour outstanding alumni who had demonstrated significant contributions to their professions or careers, the Department, the University and the community. It is believed that this Award will motivate COMP students to learn from the experience and success of the awardees as well as reflect the Department’s model of education: Career, Application, Research and Entrepreneurship (CARE).


Eligibility of Nominee 

The nominee for the Award must be a graduate of COMP, PolyU who has successfully completed a programme and attained an academic award accredited by PolyU.

Eligibility of Proposer

  • Each nomination shall be proposed by:

    1. a bona fide graduate of PolyU; or
    2. a current full-time staff member of PolyU; or
    3. a current member of the PolyU Computing Alumni Association (CAA); or
    4. a current COMP student.
  • Each proposer can submit more than one nomination.

Submission of Nomination

  • The proposer could submit his/ her nomination to COMP via email ( with his/ her written recommendations and the curriculum vitae/ biography of the nominee.
  • The proposer is required to provide sufficient and accurate information for the nomination. Failure to provide complete and accurate information in respect of the nomination by the proposer may result in disqualification of the nominee.
  • The proposer must obtain consent from the nominee before submitting the official nomination.


30 September 2019 (Monday)

Selection Criteria

The major selection criteria include the nominee's:

  • Personal achievements/ accomplishments in his/ her profession/ career respective to his/ her peer group.
  • Contribution to the community in which he/ she lives and support to COMP/ PolyU and the alumni development.


  • Nominees will be considered regardless of their working years.
  • COMP, PolyU may require the proposer or nominee to provide additional information.
  • The decision made by the Award Panel shall be final and binding.
  • Reason(s) for granting or not granting the Award to a nominee will not be released by COMP, PolyU.
  • After the Award is granted, it may be withdrawn at the absolute discretion of COMP, PolyU when it is deemed appropriate.
  • COMP, PolyU reserves all rights to modify the arrangements, rules and criteria of the Award when it is deemed appropriate.

Award Selection Panel

Panel Chair 

  • Prof. Qing Li, Chair Professor and Head of Department of Computing

Panel Members

  • Mr Horace Chow, Chair of Departmental Advisory Committee of Department of Computing
  • Dr Henry Chan, Associate Professor and Associate Head of Department of Computing
  • Dr Korris Chung, Associate Professor of Department of Computing
  • Mr CK Ho, Vice President of PolyU Computing Alumni Association
  • Mr Bryan Leung, President of PolyU Society of Computing Studies

Award Announcement and Presentation

The selection results will be publicly announced in early November 2019. All awardees will be invited to attend the Award Presentation Ceremony at COMP 45th Anniversary Gala Dinner cum Alumni Award Presentation Ceremony on 28 November 2019 (Thursday).


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