Vision, Mission and Core Values


The Department is determined to assert its position being the leader in interdisciplinary research and education in computing, generating worldwide impact and benefit to mankind.


The Department's mission is communicated in three dimensions.

The Department will endeavour

  • To nurture graduates who will become leaders and professionals with a global outlook, ready to serve in the society of tomorrow with advanced knowledge and skills in computing related areas
  • To conduct world-class research and commit to interdisciplinary collaboration, expanding the horizon of knowledge discovery and technology advancement
  • To contribute and deliver professional services to the community at large with strong partnership and collaboration.

Core Values

Excellence and Innovation
We strive for the highest standard in academic excellence and quality education, possess positive and creative thinking and be open-minded at all times.

Embracing Challenges
We are determined to take actions. We are courageous to take risks and new challenges. We are lifelong learners and initiators.

Teamwork and Partnership
We treasure mutual understanding and trust. We are willing to share and support each other. In a team we are accountable for our work and demonstrate professionalism at all times. We always cherish integrity in the ways we operate.