Our Logo

The current logo of the Department of Computing was launched in February 2014 in celebration of the Department’s 40th anniversary, to better reflect the Department’s mission to drive innovations, applied research and sustainability through smart computing.

The four letters C. O. M. P. are represented by a computer power switch with two green letters inside the switch. The eight bits, the building blocks of computing, on top are used to symbolize the world around us. Overall, the logo means that “COMP is powering up the world with teaching and learning, research and knowledge transfer in the computing discipline.” The two green letters “MP” resembles a phoenix, a sign of fortune in the Chinese culture. The use of green and blue colours is meant to reflect COMP’s focus on sustainable development, which is in line with the University’s direction.

Our logo rightly showcases our commitment to becoming an influential player in smart computing in the international arena, contributing to the social and economic development of Hong Kong.