Message from Head

Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Computing of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which has recently been revamped in order to provide you with more user-friendly navigation experience and better content presentation with a modern and smart design.

The Department has recently celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014, which is an important milestone to commemorate the success we have achieved in the past four decades. Through the 40-year solid foundation, we have asserted our vision to become the leader in interdisciplinary education and research in computing, bringing substantial benefits to the society and mankind through effective local and international collaboration and partnerships. With dedicated and highly enthusiastic faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities, we have made significant contributions to nurture outstanding students serving different sectors in the society, foster technological advancement and knowledge transfer as well as establish strong connections with different institutions and industry partners. Looking beyond our 40th anniversary, we could envisage our Department to be the locus of excellence in cross-area and interdisciplinary computing education and research, as to fulfill what is stated in our slogan “Envision Future Computing, Computing for the Future”.

For contributions to education, the Department aims at nurturing graduates to become leaders and professionals with a global outlook and ready to serve in the society of tomorrow. Therefore, we have launched the first Broad Discipline of Computing programme for undergraduates in 2012 which covers a comprehensive range of tailor-made and novel application-oriented programmes to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the ever-changing needs of the society. In order to enrich our students’ learning experience at a global level, we provide a multitude of exchange programmes and study tours, as well as our unique “Challengers Program”. The “Challengers Program” provides valuable chances for students to elevate their level of competency in the areas of creativity, innovation, and behavioral competencies (e.g. leadership, teamwork, communications, etc.) through a set of problem-solving and project-based activities that require teamwork and cross-disciplinary collaboration. In addition to nurturing the younger generations, we also offer four different taught master programmes for working professionals with diverse backgrounds to further specialize themselves into computer science career. Research-oriented master and doctorate programmes are also provided to students who wish to advance their research skills, knowledge and abilities.

On the research front, the Department has been strategically spearheading top-quality interdisciplinary research. Our research has generated high impacts with both academic values and practical applications. To steer the department’s research direction to fit the current and future trends and needs, we have recently developed a three-tier research framework. Tier 1 serves to focus our overall research efforts to two department-driven themes, namely “Big Data Computing” and “Human-Centred Computing”. Tier 2, the backbone of Tier 1, represents our faculty members’ six expertise areas. Tier 3 consists of cross-area research centres and laboratories established by our staff in collaboration with world-renowned researchers, facilitating research with cutting-edge projects and technologies. The centres and laboratories have made outstanding accomplishments. For example, the Biometrics Research Centre developed the world’s first palmprint identification system and published the first paper on computerized tongue and pulse diagnosis. The Internet and Mobile Computing Lab is among the few research groups in the world capable of developing fully featured heterogeneous wireless network test-beds solving real-world problems. There are so many achievements that I cannot name them all here.

Recognizing the power of partnership and synergy that could be brought about, we have been working seamlessly with other institutes and organizations to establish joint laboratories for collaborative research such as joint laboratories with Microsoft on Smart Computing, IBM on Enterprise Data Analytics, Youyou on Smart Cloud Computing and Sun Yat-Sen University on Machine Intelligence and Advanced Computing. We have also participated in interdisciplinary PolyU star projects with other faculties and departments. Through the active collaborations in various forms, we have produced worldwide outputs applicable to commercial and industrial uses with high impacts.

We hope you will find this revamped online gateway to the Department dynamic and professional, and most importantly, informative about the our undertakings of teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer as well as professional services to the industry and the community.

Thank you very much again for your visit to our homepage and we look forward to meeting you in the Department and collaborating with you in any endeavours for the betterment of the society and the world!

Prof. Jiannong Cao
Chair Professor and Head
Department of Computing