Our Postgraduate Scheme in Computing is one of the oldest and largest settings offering taught postgraduate computing education in Hong Kong, which is tailored to suit the professional needs of students from diverse backgrounds. Students benefit not only from detailed knowledge of fundamental theories, core and applied technologies, and industry best practices, but also from interaction with their peers in exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. They acquire both advanced expertise and professional networks that help them to scale new heights in their careers.

Postgraduate Scheme in Computing

  • MSc in E-Commerce

    The MSc in E-Commerce provides students with knowledge in E-Business models, information systems, legal issues and management strategies in E-Commerce. It is designed for professionals from any background who want to develop business and technical skills in E-Commerce.


    • Provide knowledge in E-Business models, information systems, internet, web and intelligent technologies, legal issues and management strategies in E-Commerce;
    • Offer opportunities to analyze, design and implement E-Commerce systems;
    • Develop students’ ability to understand and appraise E-Commerce opportunities, systems, and tools; and
    • Equip students for jobs such as E-Commerce consultant, business manager, project coordinator, and E-Commerce entrepreneur.
  • MSc in Information Systems

    The MSc in Information Systems provides management and other business professionals with knowledge, skills and confidence in the application of information systems within their organisations. It is designed for professionals with arts, business and social science backgrounds who need to design, apply and evaluate information systems in today’s business environment.


    • Provide knowledge in information systems analysis, design, and applications in business and industry;
    • Offer opportunities to explore and understand different aspects of information systems, such as database and data mining, intelligent information systems, workflow and collaborative systems, human computer interaction, and information system project management;
    • Develop students’ ability to understand, appraise and plan for information systems and their re-engineering; and
    • Equip students for jobs such as information systems executive and manager, IS project coordinator and systems analyst.
  • MSc in Information Technology

    The MSc in Information Technology is a bridging programme for professionals from science and engineering backgrounds who do not have extensive computing experience. It is designed for those who want to acquire information technology knowledge and apply it in their jobs, ensuring related career development.


    • Provide knowledge of the latest information technology to students for either immediate or future applications in their current profession or a profession he/she intends to engage in;
    • Offer opportunities to explore and understand the latest information technology, such as mobile technology, software engineering for high quality software, internet infrastructure and protocols, web database, wireless computing, Chinese computing, artificial intelligence, data center, and biometric authentication;
    • Develop students’ competence in applying information technology to solve scientific, engineering and business problems; and
    • Equip students for jobs such as IT manager, IT consultant, IT project officer, and IT related engineer.
  • MSc in Software Technology

    Students in the MSc in Software Technology programme normally have computer science or software engineering backgrounds. The programme allows them to pursue in-depth studies of software technologies for business and industrial settings. It is designed for those who want to advance their knowledge in computing and software technology for the continuous development in computing related professional career.


    • Provide up-to-date and in-depth knowledge in the fast-changing software technology;
    • Provide opportunities to specialize in major areas in software technology, such as software project management, software testing and QA, embedded software, extreme programming, web database, distributed computing, advance database, internet infrastructure security, multimedia computing, computer image, and pervasive computing;
    • Develop students’ competence in advance software technology, and conducting independent study and research in advance computing and software related knowledge; and
    • Equip students for jobs such as senior software engineer, computer scientist, information manager, and network security manager.

  • scheme features
    Promising career advancement

    According to our 2016 Graduate Employment Survey, 42% of our graduates get promoted to a higher position compared with the time when they applied for our MSc programmes. For over 20 years of providing postgraduate education in computing, COMP has nurtured about 4,000 students who became leaders and professionals with a global outlook in various sectors, and our alumni have established a very good reputation in different industries. Most of our alumni are now managers and top management in prominent companies in the IT industry such as Alibaba, IBM, Tectura, as well as organizations in other industries like Accenture, China Telecom, CLP, Hospital Authority, HSBC, Hutchison, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, MTRC, PCCW, etc.

    Wide variety of subjects that cover hot IT topics

    Students enjoy flexible options in studying with over 40 core and elective subjects. COMP frequently review the programme curriculum, offering subjects to align with the fast-changing digital market needs as well as students’ demand from time to time. Currently we are planning to offer new content covering hot IT topics such as FinTech, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Information Security, through classroom teachings and workshops, to enhance students’ ability in critical thinking, leadership and problem solving.

    Practical industry workshops and training sessions

    To enrich students’ learning experience, our scheme regularly offers additional industry workshops, training sessions, and programming labs on different IT topics to enhance students’ technical skills, professional knowledge, and hands-on experiences. In the past summer, we cooperated with our partner, Microsoft Hong Kong, to offer workshops on “Machine Learning on Cloud”, which received very positive feedback from the participants. Certificates were issued to them after completing the workshops. Besides, we regularly invite renowned speakers from the IT industries to deliver talks and forums about the latest trend of IT technologies to assist students to understand the updated IT technologies and industry development.

    Advanced learning facilities and joint labs

    COMP conducts advanced research contributing to the world’s fast technological growth. We have established joint laboratories and been working closely with industry-leading companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Yonyou. These joint laboratories are not only supporting research activities, but also teaching and learning as well as knowledge transfer purposes. They also open space for producing world-renowned output applicable to commercial and industrial uses and creating high values in both education and research aspects. In addition, COMP provides other resources for students to undertake project and dissertation on different topics. Students will have the opportunity to access the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality System in the Computing Outreach Lab as well as the Big Data and Cloud Computing Platform to perform their research studies.

    Flexible mode of study and choices of specialty

    The scheme has four programmes that offer both full-time and part-time mode of study. Non-local students subject to visa requirements are required to take a full-time study load. In addition, different study patterns including the combination of a dissertation, a project and subjects of equivalent credits are available for students to pursue according to their schedule and preference. Also, students can apply for changing their specialty and ultimate award upon fulfilling the Department’s requirement.

    Diversified future prospects

    The scheme offers a comprehensive curriculum with cutting-edge advance subjects to cater for the demand of students of various backgrounds with different academic and career developmental needs. With such an environment of broad student mix, students benefit not only from learning the core theories, applied technologies, and industry best practices, but also from doing projects, and potential interactions with an MSc population of hundreds of students coming from diverse backgrounds and industries. The career opportunities for our students who complete the programme are multi-folded. Fundamentally, our graduates are equipped with comprehensive and professional IT knowledge, as well as practical skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving and lifelong learning skills which are beneficial to career development in many sectors.

  • Scholarships
    Alan Turing Entrance Scholarship for Postgraduate Computing Students

    This scholarship is offered to all first-year MSc Students (excluding visiting/subject-based students) with high standing in their undergraduate study.

    The awardee will receive the scholarship in four equal installments at the end of each semester. If the awardee is no longer registered in the programme, he or she will no longer be eligible for the subsequent installments.

    COMP Alumni Scholarship for Postgraduate Computing Students

    The scholarship is offered to PolyU alumni admitted to the first year MSc Scheme in Computing in and after 2005/06.

    The scholarship will be 15% of the tuition fee of the subjects taken in the first year of study (including summer term). To qualify, the awardee will be required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

    Applicants are required to pay the full tuition fee to register for the first-year courses. Successful applicants will be reimbursed an amount equivalent to the scholarship at the end of the first year.

    Application Procedures
    • Applications can be done by submitting a completed application form, a copy of transcript and other supporting documents.
    • Application forms can be downloaded here:
    • Completed application forms should normally be submitted to the General Office in person / email / fax within TWO weeks after the commencement of the first academic year upon admission. The Head of Department will shortlist the candidates in consultation with the academic staff. Selection interview may be required.

    For enquiries, please call 2766 7317 / 2766 7300 or email to: comp.enquiry@polyu.edu.hk

    * The granting of the above scholarships is subject to approval of the department. Mutual exclusion shall apply in case the applicant is also eligible for other scholarships / special study offer/ concessions directly or indirectly obtained at PolyU.

  • Internship Programme
    WHAT is the Internship Programme?

    Postgraduate Internship Programme provides students with the opportunity to work up to one-third of the normal duration of the study period of the programme to gain working experience in Hong Kong.

    WHO can apply?

    It is open to all MSc students, who have completed at least not less than 40% of the postgraduate studies with a GPA attainment of at least 2.5 in the recent semester of study.

    WHY should you join?
      • We are the first computing department to offer optional postgraduate study internship.
      • Our Department has the most established undergraduate placement programme in Hong Kong, with a history of more than 20 years.
      • We have a large network of partner companies.
    HOW can you benefit?
        You can:
        • Gain working experience in Hong Kong or Mainland China;
        • Understand IT industries and career opportunities in these places;
        • Enjoy exciting interactive opportunities and establish new social networks; and
        • Brush up language and communication skills...etc

    Supervision by an academic staff will be required for internship's approval.

    Application Form
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  • Contact Information for further details

    Telephone: (852) 3400 3145

    Facsimile: (852) 2774 0842

    Email: comp.enquiry@polyu.edu.hk